iPhone and iPad in Action Introduction to SDK Development 2010

 iPhone in Action has very broad coverage of developing for the iPhone, and it introduces everything you need to know. The first third of the book covers web stuff – both how to revamp your existing website so it works great on both the desktop and iPhone, and also how to create iPhone specific web apps. Topics include design, CSS, iUI (the awesome library to make native looking web apps), graphics with webkit canvas, Dashcode, and debugging tips. The middle third of the book gets you started with native SDK development, starting with an overview of Objective-C and XCode, and then on to lots of good step by step tutorials for learning how to use Interface Builder and the different kinds of view controllers to create your GUI. The final third is an intro to important SDK programming topics including graphics, web interaction, SQLite databases, using the address book, etc. The book is invaluable for beginners because it shows you all the possibilities of both web and SDK and it introduces all the key topics – something no other single title does. Experts will want this title too for the detailed web development topics.


iPhone and iPad in Action Introduction to SDK Development  2010


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